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Every month we receive numerous emails and Thank You cards from trainees who use our revision resources. We have picked a random few emails for displaying here!

MRCPsych Paper 1 course

The course is well organised, well structured, made good use of time and covered lots of material given time constraints. Both lecturers are great and we would have been lost otherwise.

Excellent course, enjoyed it, Thorough and I liked the style& approach of both lecturers.

Relevant content, good presentation and teaching by both organisers, liked the fact that it was question based and the relevant topics pertaining to the question was dealt with. Well-designed course materials with lots of relevant questions.

Excellent course, fantastic lectures, comprehensive materials, good venue, excellent food, definitely well recommended.

Psychopathology was covered excellently. It managed to convince me that it is not impossible to study psychology. It is a good effort by organisers.

I passed the MRCPsych part 1 exam held recently. I wish to thank you all, as the SPMM contributed significantly to my success. Your excellent & comprehensive question bank and fantastic study materials were of great help. I have already subscribed to your Part 2 course and find the study materials equally good and I plan to continue this association till I complete the MRCPsych.

I passed paper and your course is wonderful! I have booked for paper 2 course as well. I could hear your voice Sree in the exam 'this is important it will be in the exam' and it was! Many thanks, you & Lena obviously have worked so hard in the preparation of this course, and believe it or not I actually enjoyed doing the exam.

MRCPsych Paper 2 course

The high yield course was brilliant. Lots of previous exam questions covered within a limited amount of time.

I found the high yield course very helpful to kickstart my revision. I have no words to thank you guys

Good teachers, clear guidance from organisers, the organisers who are friendly and approachable. Recent exam questions included is very useful.

Really comprehensive course, changed my focus and attitude towards preparation towards college exam. You guys are the best. Keep up your good work and high standards.

Thank you all for organising such a wonderful course. You have the Gold standard material for our membership exams . Very comprehensive, updated and pertinent to our exams.

The course was very helpful, well structured, exam focused and motivating. The lectures were very informative, precise and clear.

Brilliant notes, well organised, question bank seems very appropriate to college exams.

I enjoyed the course and the venue, so I’ll see how I do this time - SPMM helped me pass Paper one first time by 10% over the pass mark (when the pass rate was only 30%), and I didn’t even think I had done that well, so I’m hoping for another positive result

Just to say thanks for producing such a comprehensive set of notes for paper 1 and 2. They, and the Best of five MCQ books written by Lena formed the bedrock of my revision material. My name was on the pass list for both part 1 and 2exams. Keep up the good work

MRCPsych Paper 3 course

The course was excellent. I think you did all that you can do to cover the whole syllabus topics in the high yield course.

Best course for MRCPsych preparation. I think it has been very helpful attending the course as well as having the written course materials. Thanks for the hard work you both are doing for our success.

Excellent course with brilliant materials. I think this is the best course I have ever attended. Lots of clinical information taught along with the questions.

You have all produced a really useful course. I am amazed how accurate your system is for preparing for the exam. When time is limited and information endless you have really struck the nail on the head with your method. Well done and thank you for your coaching over the weekend course. May you all continue to be successful?

Well organised course, thank you to both organisers for all your hard work and it has been very fruitful. Comprehensive course materials. The critical appraisal topics were covered in great detail.

The course was informative, well taught overall; excellent presentation tools with relevant pictures, tables and memory cues. Covered syllabus extensively. Good explanation of critical appraisal concepts.

Extremely useful and exam focused. Critical appraisal topics were covered in great detail. Clinical topics were very good and covered the majority of topics in short period of time.

Your course helped greatly in my revision, in particular in helping me understand quite abstract statistical concepts.

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed in SPMM courses for MRCPsych preparation, which I myself and most of my colleagues call it, the Gold standard material for our membership. I have Passed paper 1,2&3 from the first attempts and I’m hoping to have this again with CASC . My main revision notes were SPMM, which I found it very comprehensive and updated.

A special thanks to Lena- It would not have been possible if I had not attended the course especially the Critical appraisal part of paper 3.

CASC Course

Excellent and structured feedback from examiners. Lots of practical tips from examiners. The Role players were brilliant and made their characters come alive.

The examiners were very good. It was similar to the real exam. Very good role players and excellent materials. Good range of scenarios and extensive practising opportunity. Impressive organisation

I attended the course and the Mock exam and found it very helpful. Dr Murthy is a very nice person and I would like to thank him for all his efforts and help for CASC preparation.

I sat the CASC exam few days ago, and I would like to thank all of you because I felt that SPMM course provided me with a lot of skills and, independently from the results, I felt more confident facing the exam and being in an exam situation. The course was excellent and I will strongly recommend it to my colleagues.

CASC Mock Exam Course

Thank you for delivering a high quality mock exam for the CASC. It was authentic like the real exam, very well organised and thought through.

The mock exam was brilliant. I felt that you are genuinely interested in seeing candidates pass this difficult hurdle. The videos were very helpful. The examiners and Role players are fantastic. Well-done and very good effort by the organisers.

Thanks a million. I sincerely must say the mock exam and the DVD made the difference. Your support is truly appreciated.

Your mock course was crucial for me passing the exam. It was more difficult doing the mock than the exam itself. I am very grateful.

CASC Videos

Having seen a few appalling videos around, I must write to you to say you have indeed produced a high quality stuff for the CASC. Keep working hard for us.

Thanks a million. I sincerely must say the mock exam and the DVD made the difference. Your support is truly appreciated.

For a long time our study group wanted a video aid for jumping the CASC conundrum. Now I can say it is here.